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Audi Billet Paddle Shift Extension(SEAT)(Black)(V1)

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SEATBillet Paddle Shift Extension
Proudly presenting you the all new SEAT paddle shift extension. This new extension is lighter and now fits not only SEAT, but Audi v1 as well!

For the ultimate driving experience, you need the connection directly to your fingertips. Leyo Motorsport understands that when it comes to perfecting the exit of an apex, gear changes need to be precise and fluently timed. Welcome to the greatest addition and interior modification for your vehicle, the Leyo Motorsport PD Aluminium paddle shifters. Made from 6061 billet aluminium, these shift extensions will be the classiest addition to your interior yet. Available in multiple colors and coated with a hard anodized finish, Leyo Motorsport have truly delivered on our most in-demand product.Leyo Motorsport endeavours to get you the purest driving experience by manufacturing products that are race proven with durability in mind. Order today and pursue your very own ultimate driving experience. The ultimate addition to your vehicle.

Patented design (Pending).

Direct OEM bolt-on. Clips right over existing paddle shifters.

Comes with all components required to get your car looking amazing.

Ergonomic back CNC surface.

Scratch Free from your OEM plastics paddle pad.

Undergoes 6 stage hand polishing.

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LEYO Motorsport


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