CTS turbo 2.0 TFSI K03 Outlet Pipe


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CTS Turbo Outlet Pipe is designed to replace the narrow 'pancake' pipe that comes as factory equipment on your vehicle. CTS Turbo Outlet Pipe features 2.25" diameter aluminum tube for optimized flow. The CNC machined billet mating flange makes connecting this turbo outlet pipe to your front mount intercooler literally a snap. The billet anodized turbo to turbo outlet pipe connector, 2.25" coupler and premium clamps top this package off. If you're looking for a simple bolt on modification that will optimize flow and increase power, then this part is for your.

Direct bolt-on
2.25” Mandrel bent tube, powder coated finish
CNC machined turbo discharge flange
CNC machined FMIC mating flange
4 Ply silicon hose
Laser cut mounting bracket

Made in Canada

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CTS Turbo


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