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Golf 7 GTI / R / Audi S3 8V / TT Mk3 Ramair Silicone Inlet Hose

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The Ramair Silicone Intake Pipe (part no. RIP-007-BK) has been designed to replace the standard OEM plastic induction hose on the 1.8 & 2.0 TSI EA888 engine in the VW Golf MK7 GTI, VW Golf MK7 R, Audi S3, SEAT Leon Cupra and other MQB platform vehicles. The hose is constructed to provide a constant radius reducing restriction in the initial stage of the intake tract and is a direct replacement for the factory pipework. The hose is supplied with a pair of high quality Stainless Steel W2 hose clamps replacing the difficult to use OEM spring clamps. The hose is made from high-quality mutli-ply silicone with fabric mesh reinforcement. It can be used in conjunction with the standard factory air box or any aftermarket induction kit that mounts to the standard air box position.

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