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Ford Mustang Ecoboost 2.3T Ramair intake kit

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This induction kit fits the vehicles listed in the compatibility section above. If your unsure at all about choosing the correct induction kit for your vehicle, just contact us on 01672 564595 Ramair Jetstream Induction Kit (JSK) for the Ford Mustang 2.3T Ecoboost (2015 onwards). This kit allows for increased airflow and induction noise over the factory air intake equipment. This kit mounts to standard factory mounting points and rubbers. The kit comprises of… Jetstream Performance Cone Filter – Our performance foam air filter, with stainless steel cage construction for superior internal structural support and a spun aluminium neck designed to act as a velocity stack, minimizing turbulence in the intake tract, maximizing flow. Aluminium Intake Hard Pipe – Full, single piece, lightweight aluminum hard-pipe turbo intake pipe with CNC machined billet sensor connection and OEM compatible hose connector. The pipework is over-sized to restriction right back to the turbo inlet connection. Heat Shield with OEM mounting points – Laser cut, precision folded heat shield powder-coated in black, is designed to fit directly to the standard OEM factory air box mounting points and rubbers without the need for modification. The heat shield helps maintain low intake temperatures by providing a physical barrier between the air filter and the rest of the engine bay and directing the air from the factory cold feed around the filter cone. Full Fitting Kit – Includes all nuts bolts, hose clamps and high quality silicone hose connectors necessary to fit the kit to a standard car (This kit requires utilization of some components from the standard intake pipe and air box). Full Fitting Instructions with Photos – Fully detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you through the installation process. Features High Performance, MAF Safe, twin layer, fully reticulated foam filter Comes complete with all clips/brackets/bolts etc required to fit Stainless steel cage support structure 100% Hand made in the UK – Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for life Replaces the restrictive OEM air box

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